L1 to H1B

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Transferring from L-A or L-1B status to H-1B status is essentially the same as getting an H-1B for the first time. Your employer will file an H-1B Petition for you, and you will be entered into the Visa Lottery in April.

You will need to provide the same documentation and information as any other H-1B applicant. The total time period you can stay in the US on an L Visa or H-1B and L-1 Visa is 5 years. However, as an H-1B, you employer can begin the Green Card process for you which will allow you to continue working in the US until your Green Card is approved.

Just a reminder, the spouse of an L-1 (L-2) CAN work in the US, but the spouse of an H-1B (H-4) cannot work.

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