Green Card (Employment and Family Based)- 10 things to know about)

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  1. You have the full protection of National, State and Local laws, and you are required to support the democratic form of government in the United States.
  2.  You can work for any employer that will hire you.  You do not have to work for the employer that sponsored your PERM and I-140.
  3. You can sponsor your spouse, minor and adult children, for an immigration visa, but not your parents or siblings.
  4. Your unmarried children over 21 lose their H-4 status.  They can apply for F-1 status to continue their education, or for an H-1B as a Temporary worker. If they receive a Green Card before they are 21, receive
    their own H-1B, or are married to a US citizen, they do not have to leave.  Contact a qualified lawyer as early as possible to discuss their status.
  5.  You need to actually live in the United States.  If you take long trips out of the United States, or moveto another country, you may lose your green card. If you are planning to leave the United States for an extended period, you should consult an Immigration lawyer.
  6. You can apply for US citizenship in 5 years.  There are residency requirements, so beware of long trips out of the United States.
  7.   If you are a man, aged 18-25, you must register with the Selective Service, i.e. you can be drafted into the Military. (Currently, the US does not have a military draft)
  8. You qualify for social services such as Social Security and local services, and you can hold certain licenses.
  9. You and your family are now eligible for In-state tuition at Public Universities.
  10.  You can lose your Green Card Status if you commit a crime or otherwise become ineligible.

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